Big Beautiful Backbends w/ Lauren 

Saturday, March 24th, 4-6pm


In a culture that tends to slouch forward, our shoulders physically and metaphorically protect the heart. Stimulating the heart space is a major part of our asana practice. We can simultaneously open up the body and cultivate compassion for ourself and others. These postures can be physically demanding as well as humbling. Lauren's workshop will provide tools for students seeking more depth and openness in these big shapes, as well as tips for stability and safe alignment.

All levels encouraged, Early bird rate $25



Restorative Yoga, Reiki and Sound Healing w/ Lakshmi

Sunday, March 25th, 5:45-7:45pm

The antidote to stress is relaxation. In a culture that places a lot of focus on “doing” and being “productive”, it’s important that we slow down to find balance. In restorative yoga our body is supported with props on the floor and held for longer periods of time. We relax the mind and body and move toward balance. In an accessible and supported way we are able to move through gentle backbends, twists, forward folds, hip openers and side bends. A restorative practice can be very beneficial when we are tired, weak, injured, stressed, overwhelmed or lead an active or busy lifestyle. The use of props such as bolsters, blocks, sandbags and blankets assures that we can find complete comfort in these postures, regardless of conditions or limitations. We allow the muscles to relax and focus on our breathing to reach deeper states of relaxation and connection. Tammy Jordan of Healing Within, is offering Sound Healing during class to enhance the experience. Both Tammy and Lakshmi are certified in Reiki and will be offering this during class as well.. This practice is open to all levels and has many healing benefits. 

register for $30


Yoga for Hips, Hamstrings and Lower Back w/ Cilla

Sunday, April 1st, 10am-12pm


Join us for this 2 hour workshop to release tension and create more mobility and ease in your lower back, hips and hamstrings. We often develop tightness in our muscles and our connective tissue, whether from exerting activities or from lack of movement. When we use our body a lot if needs time to stretch and release, and when we don’t move as much as we should, it’s important to add movement into the body to create this freedom. This class incorporates both Yin and Hatha yoga to balance our effort and ease, as well as work all of our tissues. In Yin we works connective tissue: bones, ligaments, tendons and fascia. In the Hatha we are working the muscles and soft tissues. There will be a be a balance of Yin to open connective tissue and building heat in the muscles before completely relaxing and closing with some restorative. The physiological benefits of a yoga practice are too many to list- but those are still just a byproduct of the practice. The real transformation begins when we do this practice and we begin to understand and overcome our mind. Longer holds, mindful movement and pranayama all bring us closer to understanding our true nature. Our concentration, mental clarity and discernment all improve, making it much more enjoyable to navigate in this sometimes overwhelming world. Class begins with Yin, we weave in some more dynamic movement and then close with Restorative and Pranayama. 

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Candlelight Yin: Neck and Shoulders w/ Cilla

Thursday, April 5th 7:30-9pm

Join us for a 90 minute Yin class to benefit your Neck, Shoulders and Upper Back. In Yin Yoga we use long holds to target connective tissues in the body that lead to an increased range of motion as well as offer a time for introspection and meditation. Priscilla offers soothing pranayama and applicable yogic philosophy to move your practice much deeper than just the body.
Many Yin postures target the lower body and meridians, but here we focus on releasing the upper body.

Register here for $15


Restorative Yoga Teacher Training w/ Cilla and Lakshmi

Level 1 Saturday May19th and Sunday May 20th

Saturday schedule 8-5pm and Sunday 8-3:30pm


This level 1 Restorative training program is great for yoga teachers and also those who do not teach but wish to know more about restorative yoga. This practice can give our lives many benefits and it's a practice that we can share with friends, family and clients. Cilla and Lakshmi both have years of experience and training. They work individually with clients and between them offer counseling, reiki, massage, ayurveda, and a wide range of Yoga techniques. It's a 15 hour course. If you'd like you can also attend level 2 for a 30 hour certification in Restorative Yoga.

Overview of what will be covered:

Intro to meditation

Power of Intention

Brief History of Restorative Yoga

Basics about teaching restorative yoga- voice, music, touch, group vs private sessions

How to use and store props: bolsters, sandbags, blankets, and blocks

How to sequence a restorative class or personal practice

Verbal cues and holding space

Postural Assessment: Curves of the spine, releasing muscle groups

Restorative Postures: Names, set up, benefits, contraindications, modifications or alternative postures

The posture in level 1 will be some of the most popular, familiar and accessible restorative poses that are great for home practice, private or group sessions. You will learn the language and skills to guide people safely and peacefully into the practice. 

Gentle assists

Early bird tuition is $375-- $100 non-refundable deposit saves your spot. ***$10 processing fee on credit card or write us a check 

If you wish to do level 1 and 2 and pay in advance tuition is $699 ($50+ savings then if you pay separately)

Limited space- Now Accepting applications- email us to inquire and reserve


Restorative Yoga Training: Level 2

Led by Cilla and Lakshmi

Saturday, June 30th and Sunday July 1st

Must complete level 1 training to take this course. Both together is a 30 hour Certificate in Restorative Yoga.



Meditation Techniques


Intro to Yoga Nidra- body scans and relaxation techniques, empowering sankalapa

Subtle Body: Koshas, Chakras, Pranayama techniques, meditation, 

Relaxation and the Brain - Restorative Yoga and Breathing techniques and the Nervous system

Restorative Postures : we will move into postures that require more set up, more props (i.e.. the chair, the wall, multiple bolsters and straps etc.) You will learn the set up, variations and focused breathing for different postures

Anatomy of sonnective tissue: Understanding how these tissues play a role in healthy movement 

Themes: weaving in yogic philosophy

Practicing Dristi and learning how to offer it to your students in restorative yoga

Yogic Philosophy and Pyschology- understanding different aspects of the mind. Emotional Release and Samskaras

Working one on one- private individualized sessions and support

Intro to Ayurveda and how to use it in your own life and for your students

Tuition is $375 early bird, or $699 for Level 1 and 2 together and paid up front