Memorial Day Core and Restore w/ Maggie

Monday, May 28th, 9-10:30am


Join us on Memorial Day morning for a special Core and Restore Class. This class combines strong, heat building Vinyasa with longer held restorative postures. A nice combination of effort and ease. Expect the first half of class to be more dynamic and energizing, working on engagement and core strength, andthe last half of class will be longer held, supported passive stretching. This class will be both energizing and relaxing. **ALL OTHER CLASSES ON MEMORIAL DAY ARE CANCELED

Register here for $15. A portion of this class will be donated to an as of now undecided Non Profit to support Veterans. Any suggestions? 




Sunset Yin w/ Lauren Goldstein

Sunday June 3rd, 6:30-8:30pm


Yin yoga is still, it's deep, it's extremely healing and provides time for contemplation. We hold Yin postures, supported w/ props and the floor, for several minutes to gently stress the connective tissues in the body. This gentle stress can improve our flexibility and range of motion, make the bones and ligaments stronger and longer, and release tension is our complex fascial system. Yin brings balance to a busy, active or sometimes hectic lifestyle and is a great way to reach a deep, meditative state. The more we practice Yin and Meditation, the more we move past all these sensations in the body, make realizations and begin to experience a deeper connection.

led by Lauren Goldstein
Early bird $20 if you register by May 20th




New Moon Flow w/ Lauren Goldstein

Sunday June 10th 6-7:30pm


The energetic pull of the moon affects human emotion and flows with the shift of each season. When one taps into the subtle patterns of the moon cycle, this energy can be harnessed to aid in personal work and significant change. Join Lauren for this specialty class that offers grounding asana, guided meditation, and prompts to set intentions for the current moon phase. Each month will build upon the intentions and themes in the prior month. This class will be offered once on a month on New Moon evenings. Monthly offerings on Thursday and Sunday evenings. Upcoming dates:   Thursday, July 12th 7:30-9pm, Thursday August 9th 7:30-9pm, Sunday Sept 9th 6-7:30pm.

Register here for $15



lak restore.JPG

Restorative Yoga w/ Lakshmi

Sunday, June 17th, 6:30-8:30pm

A form of yoga that uses props to support the body and are held longer to allow us to open through passive stretching. Postures are typically seated, supine or prone and their shape is modified w/ blocks, blankets, bolsters, straps or towels to alleviate any muscular effort. Each restorative posture is held for several minutes. Different body parts are stimulated or relaxed throughout the practice leading to overall balance. Some of these postures, when combined with breath, have an overall calming and balancing affect on the mind and the body, while others are more specific to a certain area of the body i.e. the chest or spine. 
The emphasis in Restorative Yoga is on “being” not “doing”. Use the long holds as a chance to explore the body and its sensations. The props support our bones and muscles completely so we don’t need any effort to just stay. The nervous system receives less signals from the body and becomes quiet. The practice will allow you to refine your ability to be aware and present, while also being able to slow the mind (shut off processing, judging and thinking mind). Restorative yoga can help enhance our vinyasa or stronger asana practice by heightening awareness and becoming more untuned to the subtle body (pranic body).
Register in advance for $25


Restorative Yoga Training: Level 2

Led by Cilla and Lakshmi

Saturday, June 30th and Sunday July 1st

Must complete level 1 training to take this course. Both together is a 30 hour Certificate in Restorative Yoga.



Intro to Yoga Nidra- body scans and relaxation techniques, empowering sankalapa

Subtle Body: Koshas, Chakras, Pranayama techniques, meditation, 

Relaxation and the Brain - Restorative Yoga and Breathing techniques and the Nervous system

Restorative Postures : we will move into postures that require more set up, more props (i.e.. the chair, the wall, multiple bolsters and straps etc.) You will learn the set up, variations and focused breathing for different postures

Anatomy of sonnective tissue: Understanding how these tissues play a role in healthy movement 

Themes: weaving in yogic philosophy

Practicing Dristi and learning how to offer it to your students in restorative yoga

Intro to Ayurveda and how to use it in your own life and for your students

Tuition is $400, or $750 for Level 1 and 2 together and paid up front. **no refunds



Sunset Restorative Yoga

Taught by Lakshmi

July 15th, 6:30-8:30pm


Join us for a special 2 hour restorative workshop. In restorative yoga, we find gentle postures on the floor, and use props to support us. This form of passive stretching is great for releasing tight, tired muscles, lengthening connective tissue, and calming the nervous system and the mind. We find a comfortable variation of a posture, and stay here for several minutes, allowing body and mind to reach deeper levels of relaxation. Open and encouraged for all levels of ability, this practice is a great compliment to an active or busy lifestyle.

Register here for $25


Yin Yoga Training and Gita Study Retreat: Yin w/ a Bhakti Spin

Taught by Cilla and Raghunath at Supersoul Farm

July  20-22nd 2018


Thrilled to be offering our Yin Level 1 training, retreat style, at the beautiful Supersoul Farm! Join us for a weekend of learning, chanting and spiritual study as this very special Farm and Ashram in upstate New York. This weekend is included in our Summer 200 hour Teacher Training. Delicious vegetarian meals included.

Yin Yoga is a unique style of asana where we are encouraged to find our individual edge of sensation and stay with this in stillness for several minutes. It's accessible for everyone and teaches us to be calm, still and introspective. There are so many physiological benefits, but the beauty of Yin Yoga lies in the subtle practice of self-study, meditation and yogic philosophy. It can be a great tool to allow us to reshape our connective tissue and feel better in our bodies but also to experience a connection between mind, body and spirit. When we understand our mind we can more easily connect to our true nature, that part of us that is filled with unconditional love and compassion.

This Yin training is unique from other Yin trainings because we incorporate the ancient teachings of India and Bhakti yoga. We will discuss the Energetic Anatomy of Prana Vayus, Nadis and Chakras. This training blends up to date anatomy with the timeless truths of Yoga philosophy to offer a Yin style class that can help you deepen your spiritual practice and broaden your perspective. 

This is a 20 hour introductory level course that will give you the tenants and techniques to practice and teach Yin Yoga. Suitable for Registered Yoga Teachers as well as anyone who wishes to learn more about Yin Yoga and meditation practices. We will cover the anatomy of connective tissue and energetic anatomy. We will practice asana, pranayama and mantra techniques and learn how to incorporate them into a home practice or class. There will be lessons in Philosophy and lifestyle that will elevate your consciousness and give you more to offer your students. Everyone will learn how to sequence an intelligent and safe Yin class and cultivate the knowledge and confidence to structure a Yin class, with inspiration and a deeper connection to the divine.

There are qualities of Yin and Yang in everything in nature. To balance out this quiet, still and introspective practice we also offer a strong Vinyasa class and Kirtan. Attending this retreat weekend qualifies you to take our Yin Yoga level 2 training in October.

Retreat/Training Schedule
Friday 4pm arrival
5pm Candlelight Yoga for Hips and Heart followed by opening circle
7pm Dinner

5am Satsang and Gita with Raghunath
6am Asana, Pranayama and Mantra with Cilla and Noah
8am Breakfast
9:30am- History of Yin, Principals and Tenants
11:30am Break
12pm Anatomy of Connective Tissue
2pm Lunch
3pm Posture Lab- the asanas, variation, modifications, contraindications, benefits, verbal cues
6:30pm Dinner
7:30pm Kirtan

5am Satsang and Gita with Raghunath
6am Yin Yoga for Neck and Shoulders
8am Breakfast
9:30am Koshas and Energetic Anatomy
11:30 break
12-2pm How to Sequence, The Power of Intention- Holding Space, Emotional Release, Samskara
2pm Lunch/ Departures

Yin training with Priscilla Rybicki
Satsang, Gita Study and Kirtan with Raghunath Cappo
Mantra with Noah Weisman

TUITION: includes all classes, all meals and a manual

Camping: $360
Dorm: $425
Private Double Occupancy Suites: $450-510 per person
Commuters: $320


Register via Supersoul website


Flavia Krishna and Gershone lead a night of Kirtan

Monday August 27th, 7:30-9pm


Based out of Athens/Atlanta, we are a chanting/singing duo spreading Light through Sacred Sounds...Chanting sacred mantras & songs in Sanskrit, English,Portuguese, Hebrew,&Spanish...we facilitate sound healing experiences for expanding our self expression and connecting to the Divine.

"The Greek word for soul, psyche, is also translated as “breath.” Toning, chanting, and singing are all effective ways to explore consciousness through the embodiment of sound."

'The Power of Sound to Heal', by Jason K. Norris

We feel so blessed to be serving during these powerful times of awakening through sound meditation circles.

Flavia Krishna-Vocals, mridangam/naal, kartals, and harmonium

Gershone-Vocals, harmonium, guitar

Donation based! 


Yin Yoga Training: Level 2

October 20 and 21


In Level 1 we were able to go over the Yin yoga history, tenants, postures, anatomy of connective tissue and some important energetic anatomy. Level 2 allows us to dive deeper into the practice. We have Megan Godfrey teaching us about 5 Element and Meridian theory. Megan is a teacher and acupuncture practitioner with over 25 years of experience. She holds a Masters in Five element Acupuncture and Education as well as Human Ecology.

Cilla will spend more time with Yin sequencing, theming, pranayama practices, yoga psychology and philosophy so that you will feel comfortable finding the language to guide your students in the practice, as well as offer more elements of yoga to take your classes and student’s practice to the next level. 

We will start the mornings off with Satsang and Mantra. Satsang translates into “ to associate with true people”. It is here where we can discuss yoga principals and philosophy that we can use in our lives but also offer to our students. We will discuss topics from the sacred texts of India and apply them to our modern way of living. After Satsang we will chant call and response Mantra. Mantra helps transcend the consciousness and can be a powerful meditation.

Saturday morning will have an element of Hatha yoga, to move the body and provide a balancing contrast to all the Yin activity. There will be time to structure Yin sequences and practice teach so you'll feel comfortable guiding others. You’ll leave with several Yin flows that you can offer to your students. 

Taught by Cilla E-RYT 800, BA Psychology
Noah Weisman RYT 500
Megan Godfrey 5 Element Acupuncture Practitioner

Schedule **subject to change
Saturday Oct. 20th
8am Satsang w/ Noah and Cilla
Sattvic Saturday class 9-10:45am
11-12:00pm Yoga Psychology w/ Cilla
1-5pm Meridian and 5 Element Theory w/ Megan

8am Satsang
9-10:30am Yin Practice
10:45- 12pm Pranayama and bandha - Techniques and practice
1:30-3:30pm Practice teaching: finding your voice, silence vs. guidance, structuring a class, theming, refining your cues

Early bird investment for a limited time $250 **NO REFUNDS

email us at

If you missed level 1 Yin with a Bhakti Spin you can take this course with us July 21-22 at Supersoul Farm in upstate NY.


Yoga Nidra Training: Level 1

December 1st and 2nd


This training will give you the foundations of Yoga Nidra and the skills to write your own. Understanding the powerful affects that Yoga Nidra has on the brain, discovering your own voice, creating a signature Yoga Nidra script and learning how to be available to your students after a Yoga Nidra are all important aspects that will allow you to better serve. This is a powerful practice, and is best received when performed by someone who has the knowledge of yoga psychology and theory, rather than just reading from a book or offering only a body scan. Yoga Nidra is a journey through the Koshas that can allow for positive transformation of our consciousness. It can change the way that we think and act in this world. This training is open for people who are not Yoga Teachers and is continuing education for all Registered Yoga Teachers. Level 1 is a 15 hour training.

Space is extremely limited- email us to apply. VSAC grants are accepted.