Our first blog post... Dylan Werner!!!

This is my first blog post so it's going to be quick.  Just trying to get the hang of it.  Blog shall be themed around Dylan Werner because that's a big deal! If you don't know who Dylan is, check out his website here - dylanwerneryoga.com.  Cilla and I took a great handstand workshop with him at Wanderlust earlier this year and hung out with him a lot of the weekend.  He's a solid dude and really lives the practice.  It's cool that he's working us into his schedule as Dylan is literally teaching all over the world all the time.  Another cool aspect of his trip to Vermont is that he's going to be fresh off of a super cultural experience of his own.  I'll let him talk about that with us when he's here.  Don't want to spoil it!

Anyhow, first blog post... how'd I do?!?   I plan to keep doing this and am kind of excited about it ;)