Join us for the first ever Bhakti Yoga Summit w/ Raghunath in Puerto Rico!

March 30th - April 3rd 2020


Nestled in the mountains of Puerto Rico, you’ll dive deep into the study and practice of Bhakti Yoga with world renowned Yoga Teacher, Raghunath. Every morning begins with study of sacred literature and Satsang, and every evening ends with Kirtan! Although we will study and learn together, there is still plenty of time during the day to relax by the pool, explore the property, practice yoga and meditation or come on optional day trips around the island.

Set in a stunning valley on 107 lush tropical acres, Casa Grande Mountain Retreat is an oasis of peace and tranquility. The former coffee plantation, now exquisitely landscaped, has 20 rooms scattered up the mountainside, each with private bath and hammock. A fresh-water swimming pool is cradled beneath a green mountain vista. A fully equipped yoga center is used for individual and group practice. Delicious Vegetarian (and Vegan) meals provided by Simon’s Catering.

What you’ll Learn. . .

6 PILLARS OF BHAKTI YOGA: Ancient techniques for tangible transformation

Experience simple shifts in thinking as taught by the sages of Vedic India. True transformation isn’t merely getting fit or transforming your physical frame. According to the yoga masters true transformation happens when we change the way we think and break the the mental figure eights that keep us bound to the pain due to poor choices in the material world.

Join international yoga instructor Raghunath, who has immersed himself in the study and practice of Bhakti Yoga & the sacred literature of India as he teaches from his upcoming book. Raghu explains foundational principles of the Bhakti Yoga system that are easy to apply and instantly transformational. This class is beneficial for those new on their spiritual journey or those who have been on this path for some time. If you are feeling a plateau in your yoga practice, or in your spiritual growth , experience Raghu as he explains in simple terms ancient practices to perfect your meditation & shift your paradigm. In this course you can tangibly witness how these 6 Pillars will enhance relationships with others, your relationship with your Higher Power and most importantly your relationship with yourself.

Raghunath has been transforming people's lives since he was a teenager, when he got into yoga and clean healthy living from a young age. He was the lead singer and songwriter of two internationally-acclaimed bands that toured the world in the punk/hardcore music community. Although the music was abrasive, it was filled with positive uplifting and spiritual lyrics that transformed tens of thousands of fans' lives espousing vegetarianism, karma, positive mental attitude and a drug-free life. Considered a teacher's teacher, Raghunath is a gifted speaker and educator of self-transformation & spirituality. He travels internationally, leads teacher trainings, annual sold-out pilgrimages to India, and has been living the life of a yogi for 28 years. At 22 he went to India and lived in a Krishna Bhakti ashram as a monk. He studied deeply sacred literature, music, cooking and deeper facets of yogic culture. Presently, he's married with 5 children and is co-creating Supersoul Farm, an educational center in Canaan NY, with his wife Brij Cappo.

Day trip(s) may include an onsite Hike to a Waterfall

Excursions to different Beaches


San Sebastian Waterfall

Old San Juan

What to bring:

Mala (meditation beads)

Yoga Mat & Clothes

Hiking Boots

Swim Suit/ Beach Towel

Rain Jacket


*Option to bring a notebook

Comfortable clothes for warmer climate


Daily Yoga classes

Daily Kirtan

30 Hours Continuing Education Credit

3 Meals a day

Mountain Cabin, Hammock, use of mountain retreat grounds, pool and yoga studio.