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300 Hour Cultural Immersion in India

Prefer a destination intensive training in India??? Join us for this 300 Hour Yoga Bhakti Cultural Immersion with lead teacher, Raghunath! Click SuperSoulYoga for more info about this life changing yoga teacher training




200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training- Foundations Course

Next one is September - December 2019!

This foundational 200 hour course gives students an overview of yoga practices and lifestyle and prepares them for our advanced 300 hour course.

We will learn the foundations of Yoga and how to teach a yoga class. Sukha emphasizes ethics and lifestyle in the training, as well as attention to detail so you can offer the most to your students.

Covered in this course:
The Asanas (postures) and how to sequence a safe and effective class and well as build your own unique sequences. You'll verbal cues, how to demonstrate and assist your students. You’ll learn how to teach Vinyasa Yoga and Yin Yoga.
Anatomy- Understand safe alignment to sustain your own practice and help refine the postures and your assists for your students. 
Ethics and Lifestyle- In satsang we will discuss Yoga Philosophy, Yamas and Niyamas, and what it means to live your yoga, both in your personal life and also in business. 
Pranayama (breath work). How to practice and teach pranayama techniques and modify them for your students and the season
Mantra- We will chant. We will practice Kirtan, Japa, and Vedic style chants and understand why we chant.
Intro to Ayurveda- Ayurveda is the sister science to yoga and is considered the Science of Life. Learn about your unique constitution and how to practice how remedies for optimal health.

Sat/Sun 8am-6pm

September 14/15 & 28/29

October 12/13 & 25/26

November 9/10 & 23/24

December 7/8

Tuition is $2,500

Place a deposit to hold your spot! There is a fee if using a credit card or talk to Cilla/Noah about where to mail a check for deposit. Thanks!

Deposits are non-refundable


1st Module Starts December 15th!!

2nd Module Starts July 19th!!


*Completion of this program qualifies you for a 500 Hour Certificate through Yoga Alliance (National Certification).

This unique and comprehensive training is designed for 200 hour certified yoga teachers who are looking to deepen their spiritual practice, as well as refine their skill set as yoga teachers. The training includes the rich philosophical teachings of Bhakti yoga, as well as technique and practice from the Hatha tradition. The only training in the area that features world traveling yoga teachers, such as Raghunath Cappo and Kaustuba Das, who have spent years studying extensively in India, lived as monks, and also understand how to apply it to our contemporary lifestyle. We are honored to host them both, along with many other local teachers and practitioners specializing in various forms of yoga and holistic health. 

A big part of Bhakti culture involves daily Satsang (spiritual discourse). We will gather together in this way, chant mantra, and discuss different spiritual concepts and their relevance to our modern way of living. These wisdom talks are a wonderful way to connect with like minded individuals, and hear information that will upgrade the way that we think and live. Topics of satsang could range from sustainability to story telling from the ancient epics of India.

Areas of Study:

Bhakti Philosophy
Four Paths of Yoga w/ Kaustuba Das
Mantra and Kirtan
Yoga Psychology
Advanced Asana, Pranayama , Sequencing and Assists
Restorative Yoga and Subtle Body
Ancient Epics of India
Yoga Nidra- how to create your own
Ayurveda- ayruvedic herbs, lifestyle, nutrition
Sound Healing Experience
Intro to Marma Points of Ayurveda
Functional Anatomy
Business and Ethics
Sanskrit pronunciation and important words/concepts
Harmonium lesson

Included in your YTT investment- all weekends and guest teacher immersions, Yoga Nidra Training ($300 value), Restorative Level 1 Training ($250 value), 50 yoga classes ($700 value), 12 workshops w/ Cilla or Noah ($300-360 value), Discounts on workshops, private lessons, massage and The Shakti Shop. **Classes and Workshops intended for use during the course training, you'll have a year to complete the 50 practice hours, and workshop hours expire after the training ends. 

Weekends typically consist of Friday evenings 5-8pm, Sat and Sun 8-5pm. Summer hours July/August


December 2018


January- no weekend scheduled **** We (Cilla and Noah) are assisting our teacher, Raghunath, in his 300 Hour YTT in India-- Time for reading, practice and homework!!

February 2019
15-17th Restorative Weekend

15-17th Yoga Nidra Training

12-14th ***Raghunath



earlier start- early release time
13-15th - Kaustubha Das

18-20th Ayurvedic Nutrition and Herbs w/ Daniel and Rachel


 Please reach out to us if you're interested- limited space. VSAC grants run from June - June, so you can apply now for grants. Once we receive a deposit we will email the reading list.

VSAC non-degree grants, cash and check accepted, 2% processing fee on credit cards.

Reserve your spot here with deposit

Remaining balance due 12/14

About our Guest Teachers:

Raghunath- Philosophy, Bhagavad Gita


Raghunath has been transforming people's life since he was a teenager, when he got into yoga and clean healthy living from a young age. He was the lead singer and songwriter of two internationally-acclaimed bands that toured the world in the punk/hardcore music community. Although the music was abrasive, it was filled with positive uplifting and spiritual lyrics that transformed tens of thousands of fans' lives espousing vegetarianism, karma, positive mental attitude and a drug-free life. Considered a teacher's teacher, Raghunath is a gifted speaker and educator of self-transformation & spirituality. He travels internationally, leads teacher trainings, annual sold-out pilgrimages to India, and has been living the life of a yogi for 28 years. At 22 he went to India and lived in a Krishna Bhakti ashram as a monk. He studied deeply sacred literature, music, cooking and deeper facets of yogic culture. Presently, he's married with 5 children and is co-creating Supersoul Farm, an educational center in Canaan NY, with his wife Brij Cappo.



Kaustubha Das- 4 Paths of Yoga

Kaustubha Das serves as Senior Educator & Creative Director of The Bhakti Center in NYC. Between the ages of 21 and 34 he lived as a Hindu monk, traveling and studying in ashrams in India and America. He teaches bhakti-yoga philosophy and meditation, which he has practiced for over twenty-five years in the Gaudiya Vaishnava tradition. Kaustubha Das was initiated as a Vaishnava brahmana (teacher/priest) in 1990. He also serves as a member of the Board of Directors for The Broome Street Temple.








Rachel and Daniel Cordua of Palo Santo Wellness Boutique and Yoga Studio

Ayurvedic Herbs and Nutrition



Bios up soon


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